Friday, March 30, 2007

Jason watches "Reign Over Me"

And it was pretty good. General release movie rules apply, so I'm assuming you can all read plenty of much better written reviews. I'll only chime in with what I find interesting.

It's interesting that one of the first wide release movies that deals with the emotional aftermath of 9/11 stars Adam Sandler. No, wait, that's not interesting, it's moronic. Or it would be if this wasn't one of those rare movies where Sandler tries to be serious. Actually, he does a pretty good job, mostly by mussing up his hair so he looks less like Adam Sandler the semi-retarded manchild clown and more like Adam Sandler the freaky Bob Dylan look-alike.

In other comments, Don Cheadle is great as ever. And finally, as someone who hates psychiatry (but is not a Scientologist), I appreciate the scenes with an anti-psychiatry stance but I was annoyed by the scenes with a pro-different-psychiatrist stance. At least the good psychiatrist is Liv Tyler, and she's kinda hot.

And finally, putting aside all other comments, it is a very kind, humane movie. Mike Binder has come a long way since making "Blankman".

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