Friday, March 23, 2007

Jason gets all excited about a Month of Sleazy Sundays!

So I got an e-mail yesterday from Bruce, formerly the head programmer of Indiefest, now with Dead Channels (a new SF Festival of Fantastic Film debuting next August). To launch their programming, they're putting on a Month of Sleazy Sundays at the Victoria Theater (right by the 16th St. and Mission BART station) all April. $8 for the 7:00 show, $15 for the 8:30 double feature, or $20 for all three (guess which one I'll get!) Looks like it'll be a pretty awesome chance to catch up on some classic b-movie sleaze that were before my time, and to see it the right way (on a big-ass screen with a bunch of other movie nuts!) instead of on video.

So this brings up an interesting point. So far this blog has been about chronicling my adventures, so it's all updated post-event. There's very little beyond some quick notes about what's coming up next (granted, I did post a lot about Indiefest before I went, but that's because solving the Indiefest schedule is as much an adventure as anything else). That was fine when I was just writing e-mails to friends and family (which is what this blog grew out of). Now it occurs to me that some of my readers are local and some might be interested in knowing what's coming up. So from now on I'll try to be more proactive at promoting bay area movie events.

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