Monday, February 26, 2007

Jason watches "Ghost Rider"

Because in between Indiefest and Cinequest, not too mention watching all the Oscar nominees, I just wanted to see a dumb, flashy movie. And it was dumb, but just energetic enough in all the right ways too not piss me off. Yeah, a lot of it made no sense, but it was cheesy near-fun. I'll be back to watching good movies soon.


baceman007 said...

Well I'll go ahead a judge a book by its cover before I go and see this movie since I grew up reading some Ghost Rider comics. All I want to say is that they couldn't have chosen a worse actor to play Ghost Rider except maybe Woody Allen. Nicholas Cage is not scary even when he's not Ghost Rider. Christoper Walken could have pulled it off or maybe Steve, j/k, but common Nicholas Cage... Still since even the X-Men series kind of sucked, as far as comic series accuracy goes, I have to say that I still enjoyed them as action flicks. Until I analyzed them later and got pissed that they weren't true to the comic book. Wolverine is 5'4" you assholes, that's why he's named Wolverine and not Giant Claw Man, or Grizzly Bear, or some shit like that. The way things have been going with comic book remakes I'm sure that we'll see his arch nemesis named Deadly Zombie Bear Deer or something like that. The story and characters are already there. I don't understand why Hollywood can't just read the fucking comics and make a movie out of it. Sorry... I'm done ranting now. The Phoenix Sage, way to fuck that up.... ok now I'm done.

baceman007 said...

Sorry I wanted to say Phoenix Saga. In my rage I said sage. Looks like Michael Bay is on his way to screwing up Transformers too. I don't understand why they can't make accurate comic movies. Especially when it comes to comics there are plenty of fans out there with tons of knowledge that can consult on these films, not to mention the comic book companies themselves. Perhaps they're more concerned with other things like having hot girls and hunky guys so they can sell to a wider audience. Which is of course why the next Star Trek is probably going to suck too.

puppymeat said...

I knew what you meant by Phoenix Sage. I know I have a ton of spelling errors in my posts. And you're right, Nicholas Cage was nothing special as Ghost Rider. Or rather, as Johnny Blaze, since Ghost Rider is just a CGI skull. Although now thinking of Woody Allen as Ghost Rider is cracking me up.

I never read a lot of comics, so I don't really care about sticking to the originals. It's a reinterpretation anyway. Heck, Spider-Man is arguably the best comic book movie ever made, and it doesn't matter at all that his webbing is organic instead of little capsules that Peter Parker invented. In the same vein, the Lord of the Rings movies deviated often wildly from the books, but almost always in ways that made them more cinematic.

Still, comic books (if they're any good at all) ought to be very easy to adapt to movies. They're practically storyboards, which is the intermediate step between script and shooting.

And yeah, Michael Bay is bound to ruin Transformers. The bastard.

puppymeat said...

Oh, by the way, the reason I haven't posted recently is that google in it's "infinite wisdom" somehow flagged my blog as spam. I'm trying to convince them it's not, but until they unlock it I can leave comments and I can draft posts, but I can't publish any new posts. Jerks! And I have a couple of days of Cinequest coverage that I'm ready to post.