Monday, February 26, 2007

Jason looks at how well he did predicting the Oscars

Bottom line, I got only 11 out of 24 correct. But I did predict "The Blood of Yingzhou District" without having seen any nominees, how's that for skills? In fact, I was 2 for 2 in categories in which I hadn't seen every nominee.

Of the 13 I predicted wrong, for 7 of them I can be convinced to change my opinion. That leaves 6 for which I still disagree. They are:

Live Action Short--and I only disagree slightly, I can see voting for "West Bank Story" after seeing everything just once. Having seen it and "Binta" twice, "Binta" is better.
Supporting Actress--I'll soften my stance that Abigail Breslin should've won, and Jennifer Hudson was fine, but I wouldn't put her above any of the other nominees, much less all of them.
Directing--I still think Eastwood should've won, for the combined effect of "Flags" and "Iwo Jima". But I guess if you just narrow it to the nominated film, maybe.... Nah, I think this was just pity for Martin Scorsese.
Adapted Screenplay--I guess "The Departed" was just rolling. It was a fine adaptation, but "Children of Men" was all-around an awesomer movie (and was sadly shut out).
Cinematography--although I am happy for "Pan's Labyrinth", again I thought it should've been "Children of Men"
Score--"Pan's Labyrinth" is the only nominated music that can bring me back to the movie instantly.

And that's it. Funny thing, as soon as the Oscars are over, I no longer care about them. I get so spun up about trying to see all the nominees, and now it just doesn't matter.

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