Friday, February 23, 2007

Jason forgot to mention one thing in his Indiefest wrap-up

I also wanted to comment about blogging Indiefest. This is the second festival I blogged (Berlin and Beyond was about a month before), but the first festival where I was a sorta semi-celebrity and people knew I was blogging.

I've been a semi-celebrity at Indiefest for a few years now, and get to meet a lot of filmmakers. But in the past I've e-mailed my reviews to Bruce, who then at the end of the festival forwards them to all the filmmakers. This is the first time filmmakers have read my reviews while we're both still at the festival. And, in fact, what with seeing some world premieres and writing up my reviews on my cellphone on the way home some nights, I've occassionally been the first review up on the internet. At least, I was the first public review the makes of "Rolling" and "The Substance of Things Hoped For" saw. That was pretty cool, and unexpected.

I'm actually kind of a shy guy, and often the after parties are pretty loud, so in the past although I've had a good time with the filmmakers, I haven't really told them anything beyond, "yeah, I liked your movie". I feel I'm more eloquent on my blog, so I'm really happy for the chance to communicate better here with the filmmakers.

Okay, that's really, really it for Indiefest. I'm looking ahead to Cinequest now.

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