Monday, February 26, 2007

Jason gets drunk while watching the Oscars

That's been a tradition of mine for a number of years. Sometimes with friends, last year at a Cinequest hosted party, this year at home alone. My drink of choice was a bottle of 2001 Olde Lockeford Lodi Viognier which might've been a little past its prime. Anyway, I took drunken notes, let's see what I wrote (italics indicates clarifications I came up with this morning):

Pre-Oscar blather pisses me off.
"Happy Feet" opening was borderline tolerable. This refers to the pre-show opening, not the main show.
Man, I'm being a curmudgeon!
The 3 Amigos (Del Toro, Iñárritu, and Cuarón) just admitted they don't really like each other's work, it's just sexual attraction. (Iñárritu said that)
Intro's going on too long! Intro to the actual show, where nominees are in front of a white screen talking about the people who inspired them.
Stan Brakhage call-out!
Sound is wrong, I can see people applauding Ellen DeGeneres but can't hear it over the music.
Ellen's doing an okay opening monologue.
I liked the Al Gore joke. Pointing out that America didn't vote for Jennifer Hudson, but here she is, and America did vote for Al Gore...
Yay for "Pan's Labyrinth" (Art Direction)
1/1 so far.
That shadow Oscar was trippy!
WTF was up with Maggie Gyllenhaal calling herself a "visual effect"? It felt like a line she didn't like but was compelled to say.
Will Ferrell's hair--ha ha ha...
Yay, John C. Reilly!
2/2, for me and "Pan's Labyrinth"
2/3, but "The Danish Poet" was a cool short, and Will Smith's kid's flub was cute.
2/4, but "West Bank Story" was cool, I just hope people don't look at it as a model for mideast peace.
You know, having seen them both twice, I'll say that "Binta and the Great Idea" holds up better than "West Bank Story".
Applause sound is still muted and it's bugging me!
Priscilla clip! (in the sound effects choir) turns out there were lots more clips from even better movies, so I gave up trying to call them all out.
Sound Editing--I can't remember my pick so no more n/m for me.
Alan Arkin--Whoooo!!! (didn't know I'd be that excited, but I'm 90% done with the bottle)
That shadow shit is awesome!!!
6:33, Melissa Etheridge just started her song, and I just finished my bottle and opened a 2002 Tamás Chardonnay.
Al Gore and Leo (onstage together) is surreal?
Playing Gore off as he was about to announce a run for President was awesome!
"Mad Max" director (George Miller) just won for dancing penguins. The ending is still dumb.
Did Jack Nicholson shave his head? Yes, as it turns out it's for a role as a cancer patient who escapes the hospital to go do everything he wants to do before he dies. Co-starring Morgan Freeman, titled "The Bucket List", slated for release in November. Directed by Rob Reiner.
Adapted Screenplay--"The Departed" getting some love, interesting!
"Marie Antoinette" won something? Suck it, critics!
Cinematography--"Pan's Labyrinth", but "Children of Men" shoulda won. Only time I'll be annoyed that "Pan's Labyrinth" won.
Fuck Visual Effects!
"The Lives of Others" is awesome, even above "After the Wedding".
7:334, and I'm seeing double and yes, that's what I wrote.
Jennifer Hudson is...a winner!
Jason sees double! 7:36 and apparently doesn't remember noting that exact same thing 2 minutes earlier.

Then I woke up and it was all over. I had to go online to learn that Marty finally got his Oscar. Luckily I had recorded the whole thing, so I'll watch the last part of it tonight.

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