Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Jason has more fun with how people find jasonwatchesmovies

As of 7:10 am, Feb 20, 2007, this blog is officially the #1 google search result for "trepanning a mermaid". Greetings to all the mermaid trepanation fans reading this!

Also, I've inspired Dan to start his own movie blog. I've seen him at several film festivals in the city. If you want to read some well-written counterpoints to my reviews, check it out. We often have completely opposite taste in movies. The ones that don't do it for me are often his favorites, and vice-versa.


Erk Schmerk said...

So I was leaving home this morning, and I saw a cock. A moosecock.

Man, that's a rough way to wake up in the morning. I need that like a mermaid needs a hole in the head.


baceman007 said...

Although having a hole in the head would present 2 distinct problem for a Mermaid I must ask; does anyone need a hole in the head? I should also note that some would take seeing a big hairy moose cock as a sign of good luck. I don't know who they may be, but we all remember the Futurama episode with human horn.

puppymeat said...

Man, I need trepanation like I need a whole in the head. But if you really need it you can get some at http://www.trepan.com/index.html, they're always looking for volunteers.

Also, don't forget to go to http://www.moosecockmovie.com/enter.html and take the moosecock challenge!

Erk Schmerk said...

Trepan-A - it's the next big thing! I hear Jobs has a chubby for it. Gonna market the iTrep for at-home fun!

You know, I don't think anyone on this planet could ever take a big hairy moose cock as a sign of luck. Omicron Persei 8, though... who knows? Man, there must have been something funny in that hippy.

Dadmaniac said...

I remember when chubby just meant pleasingly plump! But I guess if Steve Jobs has a chubby, SOMETHING is pleasingly plump. Ugh, I just grossed myself out. Anyway, don't forget about the Simpson's episode where the dolphin's "hole in the head" (aka blowhole) was mistaken for a cupholder by Bart. You can guess what happened after he put a cup in it. Hah, hah! D'oh