Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jason remembers he has a camera phone at indiefest

So here's some really low-quality photos of filmmakers at their Q&A sessions. If you want good photos of the festival (taken by other people) go to

But as for my photos:Here's Tara Wray, director/star of "Manhattan, Kansas":

Here are David Lawrence and Leslie Ellis from "My Name is Wallace"

Here's Jacob Himmon of "Night Becomes Day"

Here's Joe Swanberg (left) and part of his team from "LOL"

Here's the "LOL" team minus Joe. By the way, given the techniques used in "LOL", I think posting low-quality cell phone photos of them is perfect:

And here's the team from "Mojave Phone Booth", director John Putch, writer Jerry Rapp, and star Robert Romanus:

Okay, that's all for now

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