Sunday, February 18, 2007

Jason laughs at San Francisco

So walking to the theater this morning, I saw this sticker everywhere. I agree with the sentiment, but can you see why this makes me laugh? I'll give you a is February 17. After the strident addendum of "Now!" to their plea, they announce that they'll hold a rally a month from now. That made me laugh.

Sorry this isn't about movies. And again, I do agree with thesentiment. US out of Iraq...Eventually!
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baceman007 said...

(202) 224-3121

Above is the number for capitol hill that I received via my sister through a John Edwards e-mail. I called myself already. Although there is plenty of evidence to impeach Bush, Cheney and most of the cronies for using our military, and their positions, to protect their own corporate holdings the democrats have never shown any real backbone and I doubt they will now. Still I called and voiced my opinion including that little sentiment. to check out a 3rd party with some backbone.

baceman007 said...

excuse me I wanted to say their cronies.