Sunday, February 18, 2007

Jason Loves the Crazy Go Nuts Show!

So I won't have time to write up the last of indiefest until Monday (hopefully, maybe not even Tuesday). But I just got home from the Crazy Go Nuts Show (live stage comedy show). Here's some pics of my personal aftermath. Note that this is less blood than they usually use, since they didn't want to mess up the Victoria too badly.

I don't think you can see the light glaze of vanilla pudding on my face. They did the Evil Dead Porn show, and they really like me. That Walking the few blocks to my car was pretty interesting. I'm so glad I drove rather than taking public transportation. It was even worth staying sober.
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baceman007 said...

Yeah, but if you took public transit you could have consumed alcohol if you wanted to and let someone else, that was not only sober but far more experienced, perhaps even trained in operating their vehicle, take you home. In general there is no good argument to use a car when mass transit is available. God that makes me miss Bloomington.