Friday, October 31, 2008

Jason wins the Halloween costume contest at work

Not that I had the winning, I was the winning costume. The winner was the guy who came dressed up as me. He got the hair, beard, lab coat (stolen from me), he even made a San Jose Earthquakes shirt (when he couldn't find any in the stores). It's that attention to detail that is simultaneously flattering and scary. Thank you Robert!

BTW, in the above picture I'm the guy in the orange prison jumpsuit.


Dadmaniac said... absolutely crack me up. You must be famous cuz now you have an impersonator. Who is such a goof as to want to look like you???

baceman007 said...

I must say Jason that jumpsuit looks good on you. Maybe you should consider committing some crimes so you can get someone else to pay for your super hot clothing. Seriously though, having an impersonator is awesome. Well for you, I kind of don't want people to know what I look like. It makes my job as a ninja much easier.