Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jason watches "Chanbara Beauty"

So in addition to Docfest, Indiefest is putting on a month-long series of Midnight Circus shows (all Japanese cult films), and last night's film was "Chanbara Beauty", which is apparently based on a video game I've never heard of.  It's a dystopian future, a mad scientist has created a resurrection formula that turns people into zombies.  Whatever, plot's not important.  What is important is a Japanese babe clad in a fur bikini and cowboy hat rampages the countryside cutting down zombies, and eventually her sister (in a way too silly final showdown).  But let me reiterate--fur bikini clad cowgirl zombie assassin.  There's like no order you can put those words in that isn't awesome, even if the movie itself was pretty cheesy.  Oh yeah, and she has a fat cowardly sidekick as comic relief.  The end.

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