Friday, October 3, 2008

Jason goes to the Dead Channels opening night party

And I'm so freaking hung over, I don't know how I'll function today at work. Thank you, Alan, for driving me home.

So other than high states of inebriation and general carousing, there were also a few movies at the party last night. I suppose I should put up a big caveat. I was drunk as hell last night, so I don't quite remember everything. But first up was another short, the locally made "Picklock" by David King. A man, a woman, and a cat in an apartment. Something about disappearances, and a monster with nasty claws hiding in the shadows. I remember I thought the monster was pretty cool and it had good use of shadows.

And finally, the feature, that I really don't remember well. But what I do remember is pretty forgettable. "Toomorrow" is a sci-fi musical from 1970 starring Olivia Newton John. She's a member of a band called Toomorrow. Space aliens hear their music (odd, considering they have no ears) and for some reason decide they need those vibrations to live. So they kidnap Toomorrow, and then I wake up an hour later when the movie is ending. I'm not sure I should count this as one I've seen. Whatever.

Anyway, the festival starts in earnest tonight. Things to look forward to (based on little more than my impression). Tonight there's "Bad Biology" by Frank ("Basket Case", "Frankenhooker") Henenlotter (which plays with Phil Mucci's psychadelic bloodletting, "Far Out"). "Tokyo Gore Police" plays tomorrow night. "Who is K. K. Downey" is a good one I saw at Cinequest (and must see for anyone who got roped into the J. T. Leroy drama a couple years back). And Sunday night there's "A Gothic Tale" directed by Justin Paul Ritter, the funny little psycho behind "Katiebird: Certified Crazy Person" (from Hole in the Head a couple years back). And really, I trust the whole series will be pretty great.

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