Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jason goes to Dead Channels--Day 4

The easiest night of the festival, only one movie. And that movie was the ever-so-British (i.e., stately and reserved, but creepy and scary. Also remarkably intelligent) "The Disappeared". This was the U.S. premiere (possibly the world premiere? I'm not sure), and we had a beautiful, clean, straight from the lab 35 mm print (a little side note, the Roxie's digital projector has a dead pixel , so for digital movies there's a glaring red dot in the mid-right hand side of the screen. So besides film just being awesome, I get extra-excited when it's film at the Roxie).

As for the movie, Matthew Ryan lost his little brother Tom, then he lost his mind. Matthew was supposed to watch Tom, but instead got drunk and high with his friends while Tom went to the playground and was kidnapped (and presumed dead). Matthew spent a little time in hospital, but now he's back, taking his meds, and moving back in with his dad Jack, who blames him for losing tom. Things are tense at home, and only get worse when Matthew starts hearing Tom's voice (and later, seeing him out of the corner of his eye). Matthew is either re-gaining his brother, or re-losing his mind.

What could've become a fairly standard ghost story is lifted by some great performances--including Matthew's friend Simon, played by the unrecognizable Tom Felton (in his first role not as Harry Potter's enemy Dracoy Malfoy). Also by the intelligence, creepy style, pacing, and reserve of it all. In other words, it succeeds because it is just so very, very British. Or at least, that's the take from this stupid Yank.

Anyway, we're down to the end stretch now. Two movies each tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday and it's all over but the after party.

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