Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jason watches "Gonin"

SF Indiefest, in addition to DocFest starting this Friday, is also doing a month long "Midnight Circus" series of Japanese cult horror films.  Last weekend was "Ichi the Killer" and "Gonin".  I missed Ichi, but caught Gonin.  Next week is "Chanbarra Beauty" both Friday and Saturday night, and it winds down on the 24th and 25th with Holehead hits "Machine Girl" and "Tokyo Gore Police" (also a Dead Channels hit).

Anyway, as for Gonin, I was pretty tired last Saturday after staying up all night Friday night (Dead Channels after-party) and then watching my beloved Quakes suck it up against Chivas USA (they're now all but eliminated from playoff contention, with at least 6 points to make up in 3 games).  But I still dragged myself up to the city for a midnight screening, although I had a little trouble staying awake.  But here's what I remember--a lot of violence.  A lot of staccato gunfire and punches.  Beautiful cinematography.  Everyone dies.  I hope I get a chance to see it again when I'm a little lot more lucid.

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