Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jason watches "Son of Rambow"

And it's pretty good. A charming British comedy of childhood filmmaking, 80's nostalgia, and religious repression, and growing up. Will Proudfoot is a young boy who's family belongs to the Plymouth Brethren, a strict religion that forbids--among other things--watching TV or movies. While waiting in the hall while his class watches a documentary, he runs into bad-boy Lee Carter. Lee has surreptitiously recorded "First Blood" at the local cinema, and is selling copies. Will ends up watching it, and it excites his already overactive imagination, and he starts imagining he's the son of Rambow (the misspelling is intentional). Lee bullies/blackmails him into being a stuntman for a movie he's making, Will goes along cheerfully and turns the movie into "Son of Rambow". Things get even more complicated when the coolest French exchange student in school learns of the movie and wants to star in it. It's funny and charming, and part of the recent wave I've seen celebrating DIY filmmaking.

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