Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jason updates his schedule and tells you what he'll see for the rest of SFIFF

I'm pretty well set now. First, let's review what I've seen so far:

Thursday, April 24
7:00 pm at the Castro: The Last Mistress

Friday, April 25
at the Kabuki
7:00 pm: Alexandra
8:45 pm: Black Belt
10:30 pm: Mother of Tears

Saturday, April 26
at the Kabuki all day
1:00 pm: Just Like Home
3:45 pm: The Toe Tactic
6:45 pm: Ice People
9:00 pm: Water Lilies
11:45 pm: Go Go Tales

Sunday, April 27
PFA for this day
1:30 pm: Forbidden Lie$
3:45 pm: Latent Argentina
6:00 pm: Leave Her to Heaven
8:30 pm: You, the Living

Monday, April 28
at the PFA
6:30 pm: Traveling with Pets
9:00 pm: Sleep Dealer

Tuesday, April 29
7:30 pm: The POV Award: Errol Morris, with Standard Operating Procedure

Wednesday, April 30
at the PFA
6:30 pm: Vasermil
8:55 pm: Mock up on Mu

Thursday, May 1 (reviews of these movies coming soon!)
At the Kabuki
6:00 pm: Stranded: I've Come From a Plane That Crashed in the Mountains
9:30 pm: My Winnipeg (woo hoo! Guy Maddin!)

And now what I'm looking forward to:

Friday, May 2
Still at the Kabuki
7:00 pm: Shadows in the Palace
9:00 pm: In the City of Sylvia
11:00 pm: Big Man Japan

Saturday, May 3
At the Kabuki
12:45 pm: Orz Boys
3:30 pm: Linger
A huge gap where I can get a nice dinner or drinks or something. I've actually lost over 5 lbs. this festival from skipping meals to see movies.
7:00 or 7:30 pm: The Wackness (still some confusion here, because the printed mini-guide shows this at 7:30, but the website and the thicker program guide says 7:00.
9:15 pm: A Journey with Peter Sellars (this actually depends on the timing of the show before, but if I miss this then I'll have another big gap where I can eat and drink before I see...)
11:00 pm: Timecrimes

Sunday, May 4
Starting at the Kabuki
10:00 am: Secret members-only screening
12:30 pm: Up the Yangtze
3:45 pm: The Art of Negative Thinking
then walk up the street to the Clay Theater
6:00 pm: A Girl Cut in Two
9:00 pm: Secret

Monday, May 5
Back to the PFA
6:30 pm: Cochochi
8:55 pm: Secrecy

Tuesday, May 6
Start at the Clay
6:45 pm: La France
Then down to the Kabuki
9:15 pm: Redbelt (I know it's getting a wide release, but I'm treating myself to it here because it's David fuckin' Mamet)

Wednesday, May 7
Skip the festival, go to the Hypnodrome to see "Starslyderz"

Thursday, May 8
Castro Theater
7:00 pm: Gonzo: the Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
Then off to the closing night party

So the interesting thing about all this is that since closing night is a special ticket, I won't be using my Cinevisa for the last two days of the festival. So it's time for another jasonwatchesmovies giveaway contest!

I'm not going out of my way to hand off the Cinevisa, so you must be present to win. That is, you must find me Tuesday and correctly answer the trivia question, and I will give you the pass (after I use it to see "Redbelt"). The contest starts as soon as I exit the Clay Theater (after seeing "La France") and start walking down to the Kabuki. If you win, you'll have to find me after "Redbelt" to pick up the Cinevisa. Any attempts earlier than that are automatically disqualified.

So as long as I'm making my readers talk to me in person, I might as well make them hit on me, so here's the contest: walk up to me before "Redbelt" starts (or after it ends if there is no winner, but please not during the movie) and say, "Hey Jason," and then recite the most romantic line in the history of cinema. Whoever delivers the best line wins. (hint: there is actually a line I'm thinking of, but you won't find it on this blog. Longtime readers might know my sensibilities and be able to guess).

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