Friday, May 2, 2008

Jason shows off a picture from SFIFF opening night

It seems so long ago that this marathon started....

Anyway, here's a picture a friend took at opening night, and e-mailed me yesterday. It's the regular hardcore fans lining up for the opening night film:

A couple things I like about this pic. First, am I or am I not quite clearly the coolest fucking person in this picture? The hair, the glasses, the trench coat...I'm bad-ass! Second, take a closer look at the bag I'm carrying. Zoom in on the red text near the front...I'm advertising a different film festival (Cinequest)! I'm such a scamp.

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Erk Schmerk said...

Hrm. Your friend is apparently a pro/am photog? The larger pic is remarkably sharp & still has the EXIF info. Looks like it was shot with Canon's top-of-the-line camera from a few years back.

Dude, this looks so... Bay Area. Like you just left some "cultural celebration."

Stereotypes are fun!