Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jason welcomes his beloved San Jose Earthquakes back to MLS

Even though they lost, 2-0, to the hated L. A. Galaxy.

Now I know I'm a homer, but in my humble opinion it should've been 1-1. In the 4th minute, with no score, the EQ scored a beautiful goal off a free kick assist. Called off on a veeeery borderline offsides call. I could man up and say "close call, I can see it either way, fair enough that the ref judged against us", but even the ESPN2 commentator said it shouldn't have been called (not at the time, later in the halftime recap). So "shouldabeen" score = 1-0 good guys.

Then steals the ball (fair play, no complaint), passes to the Spice Girl Hubby, who scores his first goal in 2 MLS seasons. Now that was offsides, but not called.

The other goal, by off a steal and assist by Mr. Spice Girl was completely fair play. I'd tip my hat to him, but my enormous Jew-fro prevents me from actually wearing a hat. So that's how I come up with 1-1 as a fair score.

Still, I'm just so happy to have a team back that I'll suffer them sucking a bit. They're an expansion team, they have a two year grace period. But I expect a championship by 2010, dammit!

More importantly, just sitting at home, watching the (road) game on TV, and drinking beer, I sweat buckets from jumping around and yelling so much. After 2 years off, I'm not sure if I'm in good enough shape to watch this season. I've gotta get into game shape by April 12, our home opener against the Chicago Fire.

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