Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jason watches a sneak preview of "Backseat"

Thank you again to Indiefest for getting me into another sweet sneak preview.

"Backseat" is a bit of deadpan road-trip absurdity. Two friends drive from New York to Montreal to a) meet Donald Sutherland, and b) deliver a brick of coke to a friend of a friend (of a friend? I forget how long that chain). Along the way, they hook up with a psychotic cousin and his friend who only communicates via text messaging. Yeah, it's pretty weird, but they play it totally straight (even the showdown where everyone starts pulling out guns). Pretty cool.

"Backseat" opens Friday at Landmark Theaters in San Francisco and Berkeley. Friday night two of the filmmakers will be at the San Francisco shows. Saturday night they'll be in Berkeley. Check it out!

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