Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jason watches "Embrace"

Another Cinequest screener. If we go way back to day 2 of Cinequest, you'll remember there was a short movie I walked in on and caught only the end of. I described the ending thusly:
...it was visually arresting, seemed to jump around a lot, and ended with a woman stuck in a cave. Possibly all that jumping around was her life flashing before her eyes. It looked pretty awesome.
Turns out I was right. But now I know why she was in the cave. She and her boyfriend (or husband?) like to go spelunking. In the beginning of the film, they're arguing about something, and he realizes he lost his watch back in the cave. They both leave it, go back to work. But the next day she, fearing their relationship is dying, goes back alone and tries to retrieve the watch, and she gets stuck. Good movie.

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