Monday, April 21, 2008

Jason watches "Zombie Strippers"

And it's even better than the title suggests!

So I mentioned this movie is playing as a special engagement at the Lumiere Theater. It's actually doing a platform release hoping for word-of-mouth to pick up so it'll play in more theaters before going to DVD. Well, here's some good word-of-mouth. Yes, it has zombies, yes, it has strippers, but it's also a zombie movie where the brains aren't just for eating. Jay Lee is a director who's as comfortable making Nietzsche jokes as he is turning the 'ping-pong ball trick' into a weapon. In fact, knowing him he's significantly more comfortable with the former. This takes place in the near future, when George W Bush is elected to a fourth term after the Florida JebCo voting machines malfunction and only cast one vote for President. The Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Jenna Bush, declares the vote valid and then declares a Supreme kegger. And then it gets weird. The military has created a virus that brings the dead back to life so they'll be unkillable, fearless soldiers. Things go wrong (even after they declare "Mission Accomplished"). Yeah, there's politics, philosophy, and heaping loads of satire. But for a movie with so much nudity, the jokes come from the philosophy. This is the movie for anyone who's ever wanted to watch a freshly undead Jenna Jameson read Nietzsche and say, "Oh, this makes so much more sense now!" And the line I'm sure I'm misquoting--and will continue to misquote--"Say something human, now! And make it fuckin' ontological!"

So yeah, if you're in one of the lucky cities playing this, go see it!

Cities where it's playing now:
New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Madison, Lexington, Charlotte, Austin, Columbus, San Diego, Miami.

Cities where it opens April 25th:
Atlanta, Seattle, Philadelphia, Washington D.C.

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