Friday, November 30, 2007

Jason eats an apple-day 5

The final day! Just about 4 hours left before I can eat all I want again!

Today's weigh-in: 212 lbs. I lost 10 lbs in 5 days. Wow! I fully expect to gain at least half of that back within a week.

I survived the temptation of free donut Friday at work, and some meddlesome co-worker who gave me a stack of In-N-Out coupons that expire today. I'm practically in the clear.

Today's apple: Ambrosia. A very sweet, and very fragrant apple (I bought this a week ago in preparation, and smelling this apple has been a nice pasttime when the hunger pangs get too loud). Not as crisp as a Granny Smith or a Pink Lady, but not mealy and much better than a Golden Delicious or Rome. In fact, that's my order for best to worst: Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Ambrosia, Golden Delicious, Rome.

Here's the pic, next to my skull mug...which I guess symbolizes the death of the apple project.

Next challenge: eat nothing but a bushel of apples every day?


Dadmaniac said... was your post-apple feast? I had salmon in puff pastry Friday night. Yummm.

puppymeat said...

Mmmm...salmon in puff pastry. Gaaah (drool). See my next post for my rundown of my "falling off the apple cart" dinner.

Dadmaniac said...

I read about it. Coincidentally, I had just finished reading a newspaper article last week about Scott Adams and his restaurants (and how he has become a pointy-haired boss by helping to run the one you went to). There are two restaurants that he's partners in. Your feast sounded fabulous.

Dadmaniac said...

Another test

Anonymous said...

10lbs eh? that's wild! i posted a comment on your first day, and realized by now you'd be done. congrats!

puppymeat said...

10 lbs. isn't that impressive when I tell you that I've already gained it all back.

Good luck on your 20 day attempt! Let me know how it goes. I know I could've gone at least a few more days (longer if I included a can of tuna every day), but I had a dinner party. One thing I see whenever I try to diet--food is very social. If you really want to lose a lot of weight, drop your friends first.