Friday, November 2, 2007

Jason watches a couple of weird Czech movies with live scores

Aquarius Records, Arthur Magazine, and the Dead Channels Film Festival just blew my freakin' mind last night, with the help of Spoonbender 1.1.1 and The Valerie Project!

First up was the 21 minute short "PoslednĂ­ lup" ("The Last Theft") by JirĂ­ Barta with soundtrack by Spoonbender 1.1.1. Eerie hand-tinted black and white silent film (oh yeah, old technology but made in 1987) about a thief who breaks into a church to loot it. An early shot of a spider devouring a fly telegraphs where the story is going, but the execution totally dropped my jaw. No spoilers here, I'll just end by saying this is one of those movies where I said "I must own this--now!" Not just "I hope it comes out on DVD some day", but "I must have it!". Fortunately it is out on DVD (in a set of all of Barta's work), because if it wasn't I was just about ready to break into the projectionists booth and steal the film (and, I guess, the projector so I'd have some way to see it).

Next up was the most fucked-up beautiful surreal masterpiece I've ever seen. "Valerie and Her Week of Wonders" with a live score by the 10 piece ensemble "The Valerie Project" (dedicated, it appears, to playing just the soundtrack for this movie). Wow! I loved, loved, loved this movie, even though I don't quite get it (but I've ordered the DVD and can't wait to watch it over and over again until I do understand it). But I'm kinda dreading writing this review. Actually, I'm regretting the traffic I'll get from search engines because of this review. Anyway, here goes...Valerie is a 13 year old girl who undergoes a surreal sexual awakening involving rape, possible incest (with her brother, father, and mother), vampires, and magical earrings that keep her safe. But really, it's not sick or pornographic, it's art, it's fantasy, and it's stunningly beautiful. And to all you perverts who found this post by searching for "13 year old sex rape incest", welcome and I might just be forwarding you IP addresses to the FBI.

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