Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Jason goes directly to your mailbox!

Introducing a new feature, for my readers who want to stay in the know, don't do the RSS feed thing, and don't have time to check the site every day. Get jasonwatchesmovies posts directly in your e-mail inbox by joining my google group. Just go to and join.

I'm still working on the settings and making sure it all works right. If I did this correctly, it's announcement-only, meaning I'm the only one who can post. Essentially, it's just a simple e-mail list. Hope this works.


Erk Schmerk said...

Hey, it's also really easy to setup a reader - Google's is also free (and easily the best one i've used, period):

You'll have to sign up & they'll know all about you (like they don't already), but it's easily worth the cost of a few unobtrusive ads...

puppymeat said...

Indeed. I've just had a few people ask me about getting the posts directly to their mailbox. Blogger only lets you forward posts automatically to one address, so I set this up as a simple e-mail list. Feel free to continue using the reader.