Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jason congratulates the Houston Dynamo, repeat MLS Cup Champions!

A beautiful way to end their run as my team. They used to be my San Jose Earthquakes, but we're cruelly stolen from me two years ago (fuck you, AEG!) I still love the guys, I'm still a fan of DeRo, Onstad, Ching (although he missed the game with injury) and the rest. But next year, I'll have the new San Jose Earthquakes, and I'll finally have to stop cheering for those guys and cheer for my expansion team. It'll be a little weird the first time Houston comes back to play in San Jose.

In other news, for you sports fans wondering want happened to the curse haunting the Red Sox, well apparently it got transferred to the New England Revolution, who are now losers of 4 of the last 6 MLS cups. Ouch!

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Dadmaniac said...

Congrats to my old friends from SJ. Soon I'll be retired and can come more often to San Jose to root on the new and improved (?) Earthquakes. Go team.