Monday, November 19, 2007

Jason goes to the After Dark Horrorfest and sees "Nightmare Man" and "Crazy Eights"

And with an audience of a whopping 4 people (seriously, the biggest audience I saw at any of the screenings this year), After Dark 2007 comes to an ignominious end. Some of the films were actually pretty good ("Tooth and Nail", "Borderland", "Mulberry Street), unfortunately not these last two.

First up was a gloriously cheesy flick (which at least had the self-recognition to call itself a "flick", not a film) "Nightmare Man". Newlyweds get a mask representing a god of fertility, as artwork and...inspiration. Unfortunately it's hideously ugly and the wife starts having nightmares about it. Or maybe she's possessed. Cut forward in time, and they're on their way to have her committed to a mental institution. They run out of gas, the husband goes to get some, she stays in the car, and the Nightmare Man attacks. Then some stuff happens, and I won't spoil it. The story is cheesy, the acting is bad, but at least there's plenty of T&A.

And finally, there was "Crazy Eights", a movie with pretty much no T&A, despite starring Traci Lords (I know, apparently after she got old enough that it was legal for her to be naked on screen, she stopped doing it). Six old childhood friends start having strange nightmares. When they get together for a mutual friend's funeral, his will contains a map that sends them to an old trunk that's a forgotten time capsule from their childhood. This isn't really a spoiler, since it's set up in the opening credits, but as children they were committed to an institution that did psychological experiments on them. The trunk unlocks old childhood trauma, and a very literal ghost of the past (hint--the title is "Crazy Eights". There are six of them, plus one recently dead friend...I wonder who the eighth is?) It's actually not that bad, surprisingly competent acting, some good creepy buildup, and a few effective scares. Just nothing special.

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