Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jason eats an apple-day 2

Today I'm a little busy and didn't have much time for lunch. Luckily I can eat an apple quickly. I decided to not even go to the cafeteria, but eat my apple outside under the clear blue Milpitas skies and 60°F weather. Ahhh, California.

Today's apple is a Golden Delicious. Sweeter and softer than a Granny Smith, but still a fine apple:

Weigh in this morning was 219 lbs.


Dadmaniac said...

Ugh. Golden Delicious are not delicious in my book.

Brian Darr said...

I'm with Steve on G.D.s, though I have occasionally tasted a rare exception to the rule. I'm also a diehard Granny Smith lover from way back, but working for a couple years at an organic grocery store exposed me to a sweet apple I'd rank nearly as highly: the Pink Lady. See if you can find one of those. They're not mealy at all.

puppymeat said...

There's a couple of things I've learned in the apple project. First, everyone has a favorite apple they feel passionate about, and likewise apples they hate.

Second, Granny Smiths are more popular than I knew. They were always my favorite, but somehow the only time it came up in conversation was with someone who thought they were too tart and should only be used for baking. Now that I'm publicizing my preferences, the Granny Smith fans are making themselves known.

Third, people like Pink Ladies. You're not the first to suggest one to me. I've already chosen my apple for tomorrow, but I was going to go back to the Granny Smith to finish it off on Friday. Now maybe I'll go pick up a Pink Lady instead.

By the way, the logic behind the GD was I wanted one of every color, and I did manage to find one that was harder than usual.

Dadmaniac said...

Brian is right. Pink Lady is a close second to the Grannies. I like them too. Unfortuately, it's difficult to find ANY good fruit up here in Alaska. Hmmm...maybe Jason can bring some up next month?