Friday, November 2, 2007

Jason slips into the Vortex and watches "Psychomania"...sorta

This was their Halloween night event. What I actually did was go to the Vortex room and drink a few martinis...then a couple beers...then watched the short "Far Out" by Phil Mucci ("The Listening Dead")--an awesome little piece about a groovy 70's party where everyone is too damn high to realize there's a vampire in their midst. Then I waited for them to get "Psychomania" running. Then I realized that I couldn't finish the movie and still make the BART home. Then I kinda dozed off for a bit. But I did see some undead demon bikers. Then I woke up and BARTed home.

This did leave me in a bit of a quandary, just in terms of official record-keeping. Could I include "Psychomania" on the list of movies (feature-length programs) I've seen this year? Was my total now 392, or was I still at 391? After some soul-searching, I decided I can't in good conscience count it as a movie I've seen this year. But I did add it to my Netflix queue.

Anyway, happy birthday to me!

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