Monday, June 18, 2007

Jason watches "Waitress"

And now I want pie. It's pretty sweet movie (and yes, that's a joke about all the pies in it). A little indie romantic comedy that I liked rooting for. I'm not sure if it's quite as good as its 90% tomatometer rating (or the 97% from the cream of the crop). The down-home country accents grated on me after a while, but the characters were charming and even Jeremy Sisto as the abusive husband was given his human side (in that faced with any conflict, he becomes totally pathetic). He's the sort of guy who was super-cool in high school but now the only good thing going for him is his hot wife who bakes awesome pies. That wife is star Keri Russel, who's saddled with an unwanted pregnancy and has an affair with her (happily married) ob-gyn (Nathan Fillion, who I always root for since he was captain Mal on "Firefly"). Overall, what I liked most is that it (mostly) avoided cliches and just told an enjoyable story with good characters.

One final note, director Adrienne Shelley co-stars as a fellow waitress Dawn. There's a bit of a freaky line where she's looking for love and found a goofy, nerdy stalker (Eddie Jamison). There's a line about how he'll "love her to death" and the fellow waitresses say "well, hopefully not to death". What's freaky about this is Adrienne Shelley was murdered last November 1 (but it was not in the context of a failed romance)


Dadmaniac said...

Ummm. Pie. Gaaah.

puppymeat said...

Mmmm, yeah. Pie!

Oh, and I forgot to mention one thing that bugged me, and I get this from my Mommy. In the birth scene at the end, the baby they hand to her is obviously not newborn but at least a few weeks (if not months) old. That used to be a lot more common (say 10-20 years ago), but movies have been better at this recently. I know it's low budget so they probably didn't have a friend who would loan an actual newborn, but still it's a weird step backwards.