Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jason watches "Fido"--again

This zom-rom-com was the closing night feature at Indiefest this year. Click here and scroll ~2/3 of the way down for my review of it at the time. I'll generally still stand by my earlier review (with one correction--the corporation is ZomCon, not ZomCom), and I'll add that it holds up well to multiple viewings. In fact, signicantly more rested this time, I think I enjoyed it even more. I'll also add compliments to Tim Blake Nelson as pervy but heroic neighbor Mr. Theopolis and Henry Czerny as the villainous neighbor and ZomCon head of security.

And most importantly, my thanks to Dead Channels for getting me into this free sneak preview. "Fido" has been playing for a couple of weeks in NY and LA, and it comes to SF at the Lumiere starting July 6. Check it out!


Dan said...

You are a free-movie, mooching machine. A few things I noted.

1) You tacitly admit that seeing every movie during a festival reduces your enjoyment of the movies you see towards the end of the day or end of the festival. This is akin to Cal Ripken in his playing days - he received criticism that his performance suffered because he was a slave to the streak and refused to take a day off. You are attempting the cinematic equivalent of the Cal Ripken's streak this year.

2) Speaking of festival films that are getting a limited release, did you see Colma The Musical at the Asian American Film Festival in 2006? It has a limited run - at least another week at the Embarcadero in SF and opening in NYC next month. That was sold out when I tried to see it so I'm glad I was able to catch it last weekend. I enjoyed it tremendously.

3) Don't know if silents are your thing. You mentioned Dead Channels & the Jewish FF coming up but not the upcoming SF Silent Festival in July. In your neck of the woods is the 10th annual Bronco Billy Silent Film Festival at the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum in Fremont. That's starting today and running through the weekend. They are having a Francis X. Bushman program. Bushman was in the 1925 version of Ben-Hur which I have long wanted to see. It's not on the program.

puppymeat said...

Hi dan. Yeah, I'm a free movie moocher, but considering that round trip BART fare from Fremont to SF is about the cost of a movie ticket, I'm not that good at mooching. As for your points:

1) If I'm to be compared to Cal Ripken, that's pretty freaking cool! I'm the Iron Man of movie watching! But I'll also maintain that the great movies (like "Fido") convince me to revisit them months later, where I can love them even more. So it's all good.

2) I did see "Colma The Musical" last year. It was very good, and I might make it up to the Embarcadero to catch it again. I know at least the songs go by so fast that there's plenty to miss even if you're well rested.

3) Thank you, I completely forgot the silents (it's impossible to catch every film festival in the area, but I try)! If I don't make it to Niles this weekend, the SF silent festival is also July 13-15.