Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jason reveals his filmography

So I go to a lot of film festivals, meet a lot of filmmakers and film fans, and I'm often asked if I'm in the industry. My answer is always "No. I'm just a fan. I'm actually a physicist working in medical imaging. I take pictures of gamma rays for a living". All of that is absolutely true.

However, back in college I did appear as an extra in the independent very low-budget feature film "Green Eggs and Hamlet". I was part of an angry mob that chanted, "Laertes should be our sire! That is what we now desire!" I've since heard rumor that this movie (which is very, very low budget, and I had nothing to do with anything but my line) has become something of a cult hit among high school English teachers who use it as a treat/study aid when teaching Hamlet to their class.

I also starred in a short film by my friend Mike Medaglia. I played a child molester in his student film "Playmates", which you can see here (Quicktime required). For the record, my co-star playing the little girl is less than a year younger than I am, she just looks really young. And also for the record, I am horribly embarrassed by my terrible, inhibited acting. I was trying to look lecherous, and I really didn't know how. All I can say is, if I had it to do over again, I'd just shove my hand down my pants.



Dadmaniac said...

Random gibberish, indeed! It's been years since I saw "Playmate." It acutally holds up well and the actors are superb...that is, if your idea of acting is filming a log lying in the grass. But really Jason, you're a star...and the idea of the film is pretty good...a little Fredric Brown twist at the end. As for Green Eggs and Hamlet, long live Laertes (sp?). Now you can say, "I'm famous...so sue me!"

Dan said...

You didn't look malevolent enough to be a pedophile - there was something in the eyes. I particularly like the part where you stuck your hand in your pocket (presumably to play pocket pool) and then smelled your hand. I was disappointed to see it was a lollypop.

How old was that girl when the film was made?

puppymeat said...

Yeah, the "pocket pool" part I didn't think was realistic enough (the first time). That's where I would've just stuck my hand down my pants.

At the time we made that, I was 22, she was 21 give or take a year (it was while ago). Seriously, she just looks really, really young.

puppymeat said...

Oh, and as for not looking malevolent enough, in my defense pedophiles like children, so they try to look nice and non-threatening.