Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jason watches Night of the Living Dead--Live!

Yes the Primitive Screwheads, in a partnership with Holehead, have a new show that started last night, "Night of the Living Dead--Live!" (or should it be, "Undead!") Anyway, they have a great new space, an old warehouse that they can trash as much as they'd like. And they did. How great was the show?

Well, here I am before the show:

And here I am after the show:

It was pretty fun riding the BART home looking like that. Especially once we got to the Oakland Coliseum, where a Police concert was just getting out. So I tried to pitch the show as best as I could to Police fans. But the best was the girl who saw me, asked if I was coming from a Primitive Screwheads show, and then said she was going to be there Friday. The Primitive Screwheads are totally famous!

Now how far did the blood-soaking go? Well, here's proof that it went all the way into my socks:

And in fact, there was no spot on me that wasn't red. It even thoroughly soaked my underwear:

Is there another blog where the author posts pictures of his bloody underwear? Are my readers lucky or what?


puppymeat said...

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that "Night of the Living Dead--Live!" continues tonight through Saturday and next week Wednesday through Saturday (June 13-16 and 20-23). Go see it!


Unknown said...'s the "new" Red!

Did the blood really look that orange?

puppymeat said...

No, that's my crappy cell phone camera. It really looked pink. Or rather, it looked red (cherry Kool-aid + non-dairy creamer) while it was flying, but it colors your white clothes pink (and washes out surprisingly well)

Dadmaniac said...

Thoroughly weird Jason. Give's a whole new meaning to the British phrase, "Bloody hell!"