Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jason goes to Holehead--day 11

I know, I haven't posted day 10 (last Sunday, 5 shows) yet. Bear with me. I just wanted to say I went back to see "Murder Party" a second time last night. It was still great, and I noticed the polished filmmaking skills (lighting, camerawork, pacing, acting all great) more this time (since I wasn't being surprised by all the jokes).

More importantly, I wanted to say that "Drawing Outside the Lines" is my favorite animation shorts program in the festival. It plays again tonight (June 12) at 5:15, and I wanted to put that out there now in case I don't have a chance to post my full review before then.

while I'm at it, "The Last House in the Woods" is the 7:15 show tonight. A sneak preview of my review: Lots of blood, okay story, bad cinematography (lights blown out, shadows too dark). I'm not going to go all the way up to SF to see it again, but I wouldn't discourage anyone from seeing it.

I think I've already said enough about "Stagknight", tonight's 9:30 show.

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