Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jason goes to Berlin... and Beyond

Here's a picture from my cell phone of Andreas Dresen, the director of the opening film (holding the mic). More details to follow.


puppymeat said...

And sorry about the green tint to the picture. No adjustment on my camera phone, and that's what the ambient light in the Castro always looks like. I think it's from the yellow curtains.

baceman007 said...

Guten morgen herr Jason.
Ah green tint. Did the place have fluorescent lighting?
The link is to an article on video maker that explains some lighting problems. At any rate you can adjust these things with the GIMP if you don't have or can't afford photoshop. Then again even if you can why would you pay for a product like photoshop when you can get the GIMP for free. I know it's more robust, but the GIMP is good and free, becomes better all of the time, etc. Ich komme aus Berlin. Und du? Bis bald.