Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jason at B&B 'The Pickup Artist' and 'Here We Come'

Both of these movies are the audience award winners at Kinefest Lünen last year (apparently a Berlin & Beyond tradition).

"The Pickup Artist" is a hilarious short about a guy who's a real ladies' man who gets his comeuppance when he runs into his latest conquest's daughter as he's trying to make his early morning escape.

Then the feature was "Here We Come", which is a dumb, uninformative title. A better title would be "Breakin' in the GDR!", as it's all about East Germany's underground breakdancing scene in the 80's. Even up to the point where the cultural ministry discovers it and renames it 'acrobatic showdancing' to make it more appropriate. It's a funny look at people having fun and not even realizing it's political because they had no idea their government was supposedly oppressive. Another movie that breaks (no pun intended) East German stereotypes.

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