Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jason Watches "Freedom Writers" and "Night at the Museum"

Another odd pairing, set up by convenience of start times allowing me to theater hop and see two for the price of one. Yeah, I know it's stealing but I spend enough on movies that Hollywood's getting plenty from me.

Anyway, "Freedom Writers" was cliched, formulaic, and Hilary Swank's character was annoyingly smiley (makes me wonder if the real life Erin Gruwell is like that). Yet somehow it worked, it won me over in spite of itself. Mostly it made me want to read the book "The Freedom Writer's Diary" written by the kids depicted in the movie.

I expected "Night at the Museum" to be a bland comedy with very few laughs, and it was. But it's the #1 movie in America 3 weeks running, so I just know people will ask me about it. I won't hate anyone for liking it, it just had nothing to offer me.

And that's it. Berlin and Beyond starts Thursday, so expect a bunch of posts about German movies soon.

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baceman007 said...

Ah Ben Stiller, I kind of liked Zoo Lander. I know that's off topic. Anyway, this is off topic too. My last comment led me to believe that it was time to post some of my feeling on re-airing Star Trek TOS on my page. I came up with an episode idea including Zombies to right the wrongs of Rick Berman and I'd appreciate your ideas as well :).