Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jason at B&B--'A Friend of Mine'

Here's a pic of the director of my favorite film of the festival so far--Sebastian Schipper. His movie, "A Friend of Mine", was hilarious. Karl (Daniel Brühl) is an award winning insurance analyst, but is too timid to be a team player. His boss sends him on a demeaning minimum-wage assignment shuttling cars for a rental company, ostensibly as a spy but really to make him stand up for himself. But once he's there, he meets Hans (Jürgen Vogel), a fun loving and kinda crazy fellow driver. So from Hans Karl does learn a valuable lesson--not about being a better, more self-confident worker, but about enjoying life more. It was awesome.

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puppymeat said...

Just a quick note, despite the order these came in, I saw "A Friend of Mine" before I saw "The Free Will". This wrong order is due to mobile-blogging on the BART underground where I have no reception.