Friday, January 5, 2007

Jason Makes Graphs

I make a lot of graphs.... Anyway, here's the rundown on 2006's movie watching. Note that I'm only counting movies watched in a theater, no home video. Series of short films or a short film before a feature count as 1 movie. Repeated screenings of the same movie (although rare) count as separate movies.

First is number of movies per day. Check out that spike of 9 movies. It's a new record! There's a story about that, which if I had started this blog last year, I would've written up in detail. Instead I'll just say it started with a 5-movie midnight marathon in Santa Cruz, so I was up to 5 movies by 10 am.

Here's the rolling average of movies per day, so I can see how late into the year I kept up a >1 movie/day average. Haven't made it all year ever, but I came close. Also I kicked ass over my 2005 average. Although you can see both years have a similar shape. The film festivals to which I'm most loyal come early in the year, and my average spikes then.

And here's the number of days I saw 0, 1, 2, ...6+ movies. Hey, I watch movies in clumps. 56% of the time, I don't see any movies. But on days when I do see a movie, I average over 2 movies.

And that's the recent past.
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