Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jason goes to B&B and sees 'A Boy Without Qualities'

And here's a picture of the director Thomas Stiller.

Actually, first I saw a program of short films, but that'll be in a different, longer post.

In fact, I've decided to take a break from mobile blogging. I'll write up the rest of today's films tomorrow.



baceman007 said...
On my journey to make my own player region free I found this. It may not have unlock codes for all of the players, etc. but it has a good explanation of why greedy movie studios try to control home film releases. Since you're describing a ton of films people will need region 3 players, well hopefully region free players, to view I figured this comment was appropriate here :).

baceman007 said...

Sorry I wanted to say region 2 for this stuff. I mixed up the regions because of an awesome Japanese movie watching experience. I may have also mixed them up because the whole idea is lame and therefore I haven't committed it entirely to memory.

baceman007 said...

By the way I'm not sure if the dvdexplorer site is safe. I just thought the commentary on their main page was good, but you do have to pay to get codes, etc. and it doesn't appear to be verisigned, etc.

baceman007 said...
Here's a site I found with many free codes. I promise this is the last thing on this :).