Sunday, September 9, 2007

Jason watches "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"

I know, I should've watched it a month ago when it was still an event. But I wanted to see it in IMAX 3-D, so I eschewed my local cineplex and waited for a convenient time to drive to Dublin/Pleasanton.

Yeah, Harry Potter's getting darker. Yeah, it's a fine movie. IMAX is always cool, and the 3-D fight sequence at the end was...well, it probably works better if you sit further back than I do. Anyway, I'm coming to the conclusion that having not read the books I just don't care enough to remember all the supporting characters in the movie. Perhaps I should read them all before the next movie comes out. But believe it or not, my reading list is just as insurmountable as my movie list.


Reel Fanatic said...

Being way beyond the intended age group for Rowling's books, I too had held out on reading any of them, but after seeing "Order of the Phoenix" I finally broke down and read "Half-Blood Prince" ... Surprisingly, it was one of the rare instances where it somehow managed to live up to all the hype

Chris11 said...
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puppymeat said...

I've heard from many people (including many I trust) that if I spent the time to read the books, I'd love them. So that's my plan, to catch up on the literature before the "Half-Blood Prince" movie comes out Nov 2008. I at least want to read the books for the movies that I've seen. Don't know yet if I want to read "Half-Blood Prince" before I see the movie, it'll probably depend on how quickly I read them.