Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jason previews more upcoming events

So Docfest starts tomorrow, but as I look beyond to what else is coming up, I realize I forgot to mention many things. Turns out October is chock full of movie madness, and there's no way I'll be able to see it all, but here's a look at some other events:

First up, on Saturday night/Sunday morning October 6/7th starting at midnight at the Del Mar theater in Santa Cruz, there's a 5 movie secret film fest. The Del Mar actually has my favorite midnight series in the area, but it's a bit far from me so I don't go as often as I wish. This is also right in the middle of Docfest. So my plan is too see Docfest movies all day on Saturday, go to Santa Cruz for 10 hours of midnight movies, then come back up for Docfest on Sunday. It'll be 14 movies in a 36-hour period with no sleep--awesome! Of course, I might turn sane before then and decide to rest instead, but that seems pretty unlikely. By the way, last year I used this to set a new personal record of 9 movies in one day--pretty easy when you start with 5 movies by 10 am. This year I plan to break that with 10 movies on Sunday, October 7th.

Also coming up, not quite movies but absolute awesomeness is the Thrillpeddlers Shocktoberfest program! Running Thursday, Friday and Saturday starting on October 4th and currently scheduled until November 17th. This is guaranteed to be awesome, at least based on my past experiences there. Tickets are available here. There's also, of course, a special Halloween show. Perhaps I'll treat myself for my birthday.

On the Halloween/horror movie scene, Screamfest is happening. This is actually in LA, and might be tough for me to make with everything else happening. On the other hand, I hopefully have a free pass to it, so I'll try to check it out.

And finally, "3:10 to Yuma" and "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" are trying to reinvigorate the Western. Well, the Pacific Film Archives in Berkeley are doing a retrospective of the man who invigorated Westerns like no one before or since--Sergio Leone! It's from October 12 to the 28th, and sadly there's almost no chance I can make it, but my local readers should totally check it out.

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