Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jason watches "Sunshine" and "Offside"

I didn't have time to write this before heading to Birmingham. Now it's midnight, I just finished a long days work, and I'll write this up quickly rather than going to sleep. Last Sunday I caught "Sunshine" and I have to say that Danny Boyle is one of the most interesting visual stylists working in the mainstream today, and "Sunshine" is 100% his style. I also have to say that it's great to see real sci-fi on screen, instead of just fantasy in space. Not that I really dislike fantasy in space, it's just nice to see serious, good sci-fi. And up until it turned into a horror movie in space it was great. But, like "28 Days Later" ("They're infected...with raaaage!"), Danny Boyle is interesting enough and takes enough chances that I'll forgive him an indulgence that went the wrong way.

And then I stayed in the same theater at the Camera 12 for a special screening of "Offside" sponsored in part by Soccer Silicon Valley and the San Jose Earthquakes. In Iran, it's illegal for women to watch men's sporting events. In 2005, Iran beat Bahrain to advance to the World Cup. This movie is the story of some girls who try to sneak into the match, and was shot in large part guerrilla-style just outside the stadium while the game's going on. In their arguments with the soldiers they explore with varying degrees of humor and pathos the ridiculousness of the law (especially given that female fans of the opposing team are usually allowed in). But mostly, it captures the frustration of being right outside a soccer game you can't see. And in the end, when they win, the law becomes second place to the celebration.

Okay, I'm turning in now.

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