Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jason tells you how to see (almost) everything at Dead Channels

It's possible, but not trivial, and here's how you do it (sort of):

Bruce (the founder/programmer of Dead Channels and former programmer of Indiefest and Another Hole in the Head) has made it difficult, I have to see something in every time slot. And, in fact, it's impossible to see absolutely everything. You can see the Thrillpeddlers "Spookshow Salute" at the Hypnodrome Monday night, but not their "Thrillpeddlers Flashback" on Wednesday night.

So, this will be exhausting, we'll see if I survive. I wanted to write more about the actual program. I've already written about how I'm excited to see if Uwe Boll actually made a good movie with "Postal". I also wanted to mention I'm excited about a new Miike film, "Bang Bang Love, Juvenile A" (Miike does a boys-in-prison film?). "Trail of the Screaming Forehead" is by Larry Blamire, who made "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra" which is one of my favorites. With "Crimes of the Future" I'd thought I'd seen everything Cronenberg did, but this is a surprise from his early career. "Living and the Dead" was one of my top picks from Holehead, and is repeated here. "Z. P. G." (Zero Population Growth) is an old forgotten film from 1972. Bruce told me that when he saw "Children of Men" (another of my favorites) he thought, 'this is a remake of ZPG!', so that's awesome.

Plus there's "Spider Baby", "Gamera the Brave", the old "War of the Worlds". Basically, there's a lot too look forward to. Stay tuned here to see how it all goes down.

[Update: Multiple people have commented that I forgot to put in the Cosmic Hex secret screenings. So here it is: 3 pm next Mon-Thurs, at the Roxie, is ???? from the Cosmic Hex vault. Since I work in Milpitas and am very busy currently, it'll be a struggle just to make the 5:15 shows, but I'll try to make at least one of the secret shows]


Anonymous said...

Damn the torpedos!! FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Dan said...

What about the free Cosmic Hex showings at 3 PM on Mon-Thur of next week?

puppymeat said...

Yeah, I know there are free showings 3 pm next week. Bruce already pointed out my error. I originally put this together when those weren't on the schedule, and I haven't had time to update it. I probably won't have time to make all the secret screenings anyway. I hope I'll have enough time to see everything else without losing my job. We'll see.