Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jason watches "Kung Fu Panda" in IMAX

And it was okay. It was actually pretty fun. And I'm glad I saw it in IMAX. But especially, I'm glad that so many of the villagers in the movie were bunnies. It's like the town was bunnytopia. Bunnies and piggies. But who cares about piggies? The bunnies are totally where it's at.

The end.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I also grudgingly loved it. The teens I brought with me, who would have rather gone to see any other movie than Kung Fu Panda, also laughed their arses off. We couldn't help it - it was funny!

baceman007 said...

In general Jack Black is a funny dude. I highly recommend Pick Of Destiny, especially if you're a metal fan. Dreamworks did a fantastic job here with the CGI, and in general I feel that Dreamworks does a much better job than Pixar with CGI and would be happy to elaborate if anyone cares. Also, I feel that Dreamworks movies are enjoyable by a much larger audience. Plus Pixar is now run by the narcissistic, fascist, Apple dickbag CEO Steve Jobs, which is a minus ten right off of the bat. Anyway, what I wanted to say was that the writers did a great job here of creating a script that was easily enjoyed by all ages. I cannot agree on the bunny points. Bunnies are way dumber than pigs and don't taste as good plus you can't get them to eat people to get rid of evidence. That's also bad because we could probably get bunnies into Steve Jobs' office much more easily than pigs, and we also have to assume that he can speak to the other pigs natively.