Monday, July 28, 2008

Jason watches "Kabluey"

Thank you to the SF Film Society for the invite to this sneak preview of this indie-comedy that opens Friday in San Francisco.

Lisa Kudrow is top billed as Leslie, but she's the straight woman here. The comic star is writer/director Scott Pendergrast (who will be at the Friday and Saturday screenings at the Opera Plaza). He plays Salman, Leslie's incompetent loser brother-in-law. Leslie's husband (his big brother) is on and extended tour of duty in Iraq, and she's having trouble holding it together taking care of her two young boys while working at a go-nowhere web startup Bluenexion (helping people blue-nect?) He moves in to help, but isn't much help as the kids hate him. They even actively try to kill him by poisoning him in his sleep or putting thumbtacks in his cereal. He's not even bringing in any money, until Leslie gets him a job at Bluenexion. They're barely surviving the dot-com bust, and are just trying to rent out office space to keep from falling apart. So they put him in a big blue round headed mascot suit and have him hand out fliers (despite not having fingers). It's hot, it's uncomfortable, and the costume just looks incredibly sad (he can't seem to keep the head up). But kids love him, and the anonymity becomes his ticket to...something. Not quite success, but something a little better. He connects with the kids, he learns secrets, and in some way develops a sense of courage to protect the kids and even Leslie. A nice indie comedy with a sense of absurdity and heart.

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