Friday, July 4, 2008

Jason watches "Wall-E"

And Pixar still brings the magic. I can review this in two words--"I cried."

It's comforting to see that robot love is even less efficient than human love.

The fatties and pro-big box business dittoheads who are protesting the movie need to get over themselves.

The short was also awesome. "Presto" is a slickly done comedy that echoes the classic Tom & Jerry/Bugs Bunny/etc. trope of the weaker critter beating up on the bully.

The closing credits were also cool, going from cave paintings through various painting forms up to the pixel graphics of early video games.

The short and the credits bookend the movie nicely with a deep feeling of respect for the art form of animated story-telling, not just the "wow" of computer animation. That's the thing about Pixar, I really get the sense that they are first and foremost storytellers, and they just happened to have learned (and perfected) computer graphics as their storytelling method. In fact, they integrated brief live-action sequences into the movie (with Fred Willard as Shelby Forthwright, CEO of the Buy n Large company, standing in front of a suspiciously presidential seal).

Oh yeah, and this didn't really happen because it's a Disney movie, but in the movie that only exists in my mind, at the end Wall-E and Eve go off and have efficient, precise, robot sex.

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Anonymous said...

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