Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jason watches "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story"

Okay, I'm going to address the first half of this review directly to John C. Reilly, the star of the movie. Everyone else can skip the following paragraph.

Mr. Reilly, I'm a big fan of yours. I think you're a fantastic actor, both in serious character roles and your forays into comedy. Many times in the past you've been the best part of a movie. I am very happy for your career that you've finally gotten the starring role in a major release, and I hope that it leads to many more. With that said, this movie is totally fucking beneath you, it's a waste of your talents, and you should know better. Please make a better choice for your next role. I am not yet anywhere close to losing faith in you, but I could. Thank you for listening to me.

Okay, now for everyone else. Ask yourself, does the title make you laugh? You know, "tee hee...hard! Tee hee...Cox!" Okay, would it still make you laugh if it were repeated 100 times, or would it get old? If you'd still laugh the 100th time, maybe you'll like this movie. But if you've graduated from junior high, it'll be tiring. I won't deny that there are a few funny bits, and some of the songs are pretty funny. But the laughs were few and far between.

I will however mention one thing I found interesting--full frontal male nudity. If you see a lot of art house or film festival movies, you'll see it. But penis is pretty damn rare in a wide release studio production. So rare, that the audience reacts by screaming, then laughing. And the art house patron is left wondering what the big deal is. It's not a particularly funny-looking penis. It's not doing anything funny. It's not doing anything at all, it's just hanging there near John C. Reilly (it's not his). And that, apparently, is some form of shock comedy. I don't get it. Oh, and for insecure guys who think watching this movie will turn you gay, it's in the middle of a post-orgy morning scene that features loads of buck-naked chicks. I'm sure if you scream, laugh, and avert your eyes appropriately, you'll still be straight.

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Brooke said...

I would like to note that I went to see this movie with my dad. Awkward!

Also, I second your opinion that John C. Reilly is fantastic.