Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jason watches "Teeth"

Have you ever felt that maybe your entire life has just been practice? That all the joy, frustration, hopes, fears, triumph and failure is just preparing you for a special moment when you watch the movie that makes it all worthwhile? No? Maybe it's just me....

The vagina dentata myth has existed in just about every culture. And if you don't think there are remnants left in our modern culture, look closer. It survives in characters of dangerous, sexual women (such as the stereotypical wicked stepmother, stealing the good but weak father away). And it survives in visual symbols, often in surprising places. Next time you watch Disney's "The Little Mermaid", check out the mouth of Ursula's cave (Ursula, of course, is a classic vagina dentata character). For that matter, re-watch "Return of the Jedi" and think about he Sarlacc pit--probably not intentional, but was there something in George Lucas' subconscious that chose that form for terror? We've even invented an anti-rape device that turns the myth into reality.

Anyway, on to the movie. I just wanted to prove I'm not really crazy for looking forward to this movie. The myth has a long and illustrious history, and I've long thought it's due for a modern revisiting. With this movie, the result is the greatest superhero movie ever! Maybe I'm supposed to be scared, but this is really far more comedy than horror. Dawn is a young abstinence enthusiast, so unfamiliar with her own body she doesn't realize she has an extra set of teeth. When she meets a totally dreamy boy in her abstinence club (which from what I read is the primary activity of such clubs), one thing leads to another...and ends poorly--stump #1! The final stump count is only 7, and that's a little inflated since 4 are fingers. Fingers from the same hand. Yeah, the gynecologist scene is awesome! Anyway, it's set up well for a sequel--which I'd be the first in line to see.

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