Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jason draws a funny

And I have no fucking clue why. But don't worry, if I haven't quit my day job to become a movie reviewer, I'm certainly not about to quit to become a cartoonist.

Idea is entirely my own, but the "artwork" is entirely plagiarized from, and even then I couldn't get the chair right.

Some notes about this. I don't know why this super-advanced sentient computer doesn't have a flat screen monitor, I guess I still worship at the Church of the Cathode Ray. Yes, the super advanced computer is amused by playing solitaire. And yes, I routinely name my Word document things like important_file.doc. Shut up!
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Dadmaniac said...

Ha ha ha. Don't, and I repeat DON'T quit your day job. Although, I think the cartoon is pretty funny. You da man.

Erk Schmerk said...

Someone doesn't get it. That's spot-on for xkcd, methinks. Use some editor to tighten the lines & there's no difference.

Funny, your fear of computers is why I fear juries. They're run by our peers, and our peers are lazy.